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Alun Evans has worked on paintings, drawings and prints in recent years as a result of journeys back to the family home in Fishguard which is used as a base and studio for creative work around the county.


Most of this work is on paper and is of modest scale as it is taken back to the studio in Cheshire where it is further developed.







Cairfai-Protrusion Cairfai-Sandbridge_web Garn-Fawr,-West-Flank_web Two-Settlements_web Garn-Fawr,-#3-The-Hottest-Time Garn-Fawr,-#5-Yellow-Field Garn-Fawr,-#6-Path-to-the-Peak Strumble-Head,-#4-Lighthouse-Path Strumble-Head,-#3-Heat-Absorbed Strumble-Head,-#2-clean-&-Clear Strumble-Head,-#1-Cool-Blue Over-to-Carn-Trefeiddan

The series of prints that follow were developed in a painterly manner and used screen printed collage pieces and additional torn papers. These were laid down between pulls of ink from the 7 screens which were available to complete the print.


These are all variations of the editioned pair of prints above. They are in two sets, namely - Strumble Head and Garn Fawr. Some of each have been printed on stout black cartridge paper and others on warm white Somerset.

The two prints below are screen printed, each in an addition of 25.

They were printed by the artist in 2013 at the Regional Print Centre, Wrexham.

Garn-Fawr-from-Garn-Fechan-screen-edition Strumble-Head-screen-edition

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Garn-Fawr,-#1-Cold-Moon Garn-Fawr,-#2-Black-Path-Up Garn-Fawr,-#3-The-Yellow-Sea Strumble-&-Garn-Fawr-pair-framed