D Alun Evans

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Alun Evans has lived and worked in Frodsham, Cheshire for some time. Frodsham town sits on a sandstone escarpment overlooking the south side of the River Mersey with marshland giving away to industry on either side in the distance.


Yet, to the south of the town, a farming plain is punctuated by red rock outcrops and rolling sandstone ridges across which Delamere Forest is managed and beyond are the telescopes of Jodrell Bank. To a visual artist with his interests and concerns this is an extremely stimulating environment.

Jodrell-Bank Marshes-from-Frod-Hill,-aqu ZigZag-grey-blk-coll-l ZigZag-black-collograph ZigZag-pink-grey-blk-coll-l ZigZag-pink-blk-coll-l Roots-&-Rocks-pink-over-bla The-Observation-of-Nature-#Across-the-Hedgetops The-Observation-of-Nature-#6-Grey-Day The-Observation-of-Nature-#4-Cold-Sun-Rising The-Observation-of-Nature-#3-Black-Seed-Heads The-Observation-of-Nature-#2-Lovell-Silhouette